Air-Tech HP-L


The JDS Air-Tech HP-L has a 1/2 HP motor that produces 1,575 max CFM and 1370 CFM of filtered air. This will clean a 45’x 45’ shop in 10 minutes! The Air-Tech HP-L comes with an RF remote control and a washable electrostatic filter that has a 10 year warranty.

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The JDS Air-Tech HP-L is perfect for custom woodworking shops and cabinet makers. With three speeds this heavy-duty 1/2 HP motor produces a maximum 1575 cfm unrestricted airflow and provides 1370 cfm of filtered air. This will clean the air in a 45’x 45’ shop every 10 minutes. The filtration system will remove 99-percent of dust particles as small as five microns and 91-percent of particles as small as one micron in size.

A powerful ½ HP blower motor will quietly circulate and filter the air in your room. No outside venting is required and existing room temperature is not affected. The JDS Air-Tech HP-L will operate most efficiently mounted to the ceiling. In larger areas requiring a high volume of air filtration, multiple units can be strategically placed.

The Air-Tech HP-L has tool free filter change that is quick and easy. The first stage filter is a washable electrostatic filter that has a 10 year warranty. This filter comes as standard equipment with the Air-Tech HP-L! The second stage filter is a MEREV 14 per ASHRAE 52.2 bag filter that captures 99% of particles as small as 5 microns and 91% of particles as small as 1 micron in size. In layman’s terms this will provide your shop with the cleanest environment possible.

The new radio frequency (RF) remote control allows you to operate the Air-Tech HP-L from anywhere in the shop, even from an adjacent room. The convenient RF remote is equipped with three speeds and a timer function that allows you to set a timer for 2, 4, 6, and 8 hour increments.

The JDS Air-Tech HP-L delivers power, convenience, efficient filtration, and state of the art design all at an affordable price.

Keep your shop clean with JDS High Performance Air Filtration.

  • Powerful 1/2 hp motor!
  • 1575 max CFM, 1370 CFM filtered airflow!
  • Washable electrostatic pre-filter.
  • Removes airborne dust
  • RF remote control with speed and timer function.
  • Quick and easy, tool free, filter change.
  • All welded steel construction.
  • Beautiful powder coat finish.

Weight 151 lbs

1/2 HP – 60Hz (3 Speeds)






99% 5 Micron – 91% 1 Micron


1,575 Max – 1,370 Filtered Air


Radio Frequency (RF) With Timer


20 Gauge Steel (Welded Construction)







Net Weight

88 lbs

Blower Size

6" x 10"

Blower Type

Squirrel Cage (Steel)

Inlet Size

20" x 24"


66 dB


5 year warranty on all parts not including the filters. Washable Electrostatic Pre-Filter has a 10 year warranty. Shipping is not included with warranty parts.


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