2 HP Cyclone 2100-CKV


The JDS 2 HP Cyclone 2100-CKV produces 1,700 max CFM and has a self cleaning 1 micron canister filter. The drum lid has levers that provide and great seal and allow for easy removal of wast. The 2 HP Cyclone comes with an RF remote control and bag gripping frame.

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With more features and more performance, JDS is raising the bar for 2-stage Cyclone Dust Collection.

The JDS 2HP Cyclone is a powerful and portable two stage dust collection system. This unit is 68” tall and has a footprint of 40”x 28”, the perfect size for shops with limited space. The unique “Turbo-Fan” impeller provides 1700 CFM and a max static pressure of 14.8”. This makes the unit perfect for small central systems. The cyclone is also portable and can be easily transported anywhere!

The Cyclone comes with a Radio Frequency (RF) remote control with timer function. The remote can work through walls so you can control the unit even if it is located in an adjacent room. The 35 gallon steel drum has a window on the side so you can see how much dust you are collecting. Removing the drum is quick and easy, just lift the drum lid levers and roll the drum out! Disposable bags can be used with the Bag Gripping Frame. The Frame keeps that bag shape in the negative pressure inside the drum.

The 2HP Cyclone is equipped with a 1 micron canister filter that prevents fine dust from escaping into the shop. The filter is made of rugged spun bond polyester and has cleaning “flappers” inside that are powered by a small motor. Every time the unit is turned off a signal is sent to the canister motor to rotate the flappers and knock dust off the inside of the filter. This prevents a cake of dust from forming and limiting airflow.

Keep your shop clean with JDS High Performance Dust Collectors.

  • Compact design is perfect for small shops, only 68 inches tall!
  • Radio Frequency Remote Control.
  • The self cleaning 1 Micron Canister is equipped with its own motor.
  • New and Improved “Turbo Fan” impeller is larger, resulting in more Power!
  • 1700 Max CFM!!!
  • Quick connect drum lid lever makes removing the steel collection drum quick and easy!
  • The smallest most compact cyclone on the market is now portable!!!



Turbo-Fan Impeller:

The JDS Cyclone uses a steel “Turbo-Fan” impeller. This type of impeller uses two disks that are connected by a series of “fins”. The lower disk has an opening the same diameter as the internal cylinder of the cyclone.

How it works:

Air and dust travel into the cyclone through the 8″ port and cycle around the internal cylinder of the cyclone. Dust and chips then funnel down through the cone and into the collection drum. Air and fine dust then travel up through the internal cylinder directly into the center of the Turbo-Fan.

The two disk design of the Turbo-Fan transfers the airflow from the center of the impeller out to the edges. This creates a power that enables the impeller to produce higher levels of cfm when the cyclone dust collector is placed under higher amounts of resistance.

Test Results:

To see how a Turbo-Fan performs under different amounts of resistance, a performance curve is generated. A performance curve compares airflow to resistance. Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and resistance is measured in static pressure (inches of water).

When no resistance is placed against the 2HP cyclone dust collector the maximum cfm is 1700. As the static pressure increases the cfm levels gradually decrease.

Most dust collectors on the market have zero cfm at 12″ of static pressure, the JDS 2HP Cyclone produces over 500 cfm!


Quick Connect Drum Levers:

Disposing of collected waste is quick and easy! Just lift up the drum levers and slide the steel drum out. Return the drum and lock down the levers, its that easy!

Self Cleaning Canister:

The JDS Cyclones are equipped with a 1 micron canister that is self cleaning. Every time the unit is turned off a signal is sent to the canister motor that activates cleaning “flappers” inside the canister!



The JDS Cyclones have a base with wheels that allow the cyclones to be transported anywhere!


More Power:

The unique “Turbo-Fan” impeller from JDS now provides more CFM and greater performance at high levels of static pressure. The TEFC motors with aluminum housings run cooler and more efficiently.


RF Remote Control:

The (RF) remote control with timer function can work through walls so you can control the unit even if it is located in an adjacent room!


Drum Bag Gripper:

Disposable bags can be used in the drum with the Bag Gripping Frame. The Frame fits inside the plastic bag and keeps that bag shape in the negative pressure inside the drum.



Weight 311 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 45 x 31 in

2 HP – 60Hz – 1 Phase







Max Static Pressure


Impeller Size


Inlet Diameter

One 8" / Two 4"

Drum Capacity

35 Gallon (Steel Drum)

Switch Type



Radio Frequency (RF) With Timer


74 dB







Net Weight

261 lbs.


2 year warranty on all parts not including the filter. Shipping is not included with warranty parts.


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