Air-Tech HP Line

JDS shop air filtration systems use either a disposable or cleanable electrostatic first stage filter, to pre-treat the air before the high efficiency bag filter. Charcoal air filters are installed at the end of the air filter to remove chemicals from the air.

The first stage filter used in our Air-Tech HP models is an electrostatic filter. The filter has an aluminum frame with layers of a special nylon mesh inside. Air passing through the nylon creates a static charge that attracts tiny particles to stick to the surface area of the nylon. The electrostatic filter is washable and can be sprayed with a normal household cleaner and rinsed out in a sink, rendering it good-as-new.

Another option for the first stage filter is a disposable pre-filter placed directly in front of the internal bag filter to capture large particles of dust. With a MERV 8 efficiency rating, the average lifespan of this disposable filter ranges from six to eight weeks, depending on the amount of dust created on a day-to-day.

The final stage of filtration in the Air-Tech HP line is an optional activated charcoal filter. This filter has 2lbs of charcoal inside it and is effective in removing various chemicals from the air by adsorption. It is installed on the back of the unit on the tail end of the airflow. The service life of these filters is typically four to eight months, again, depending on how much chemical is created every day.