Air-Tech 2000 Line

In a woodworking shop environment that can be dangerous to your lungs, filtering fine particulates from the air is vital to a long and prosperous career. Our JDS air filtration systems use a combination of either electrostatic or disposable pre filters along with high efficiency bag filters. Charcoal air filters can also be used for removing chemicals from the air.

The JDS Air-Tech models can use a disposable pre-filter with a MERV 8 rating installed in front of the internal bag filter. This captures large, coarse particles. In the average wood shop, the service life of these filters ranges from six to eight weeks. This all depends on how much dust is created on a daily basis.

The disposable pre-filter can be replaced with a washable electrostatic pre-filter that has an aluminum frame with layers of special nylon mesh inside. Air passes through the mesh and creates a static charge to attract particles to the surface of the nylon. Cleaning is simple, using a normal household cleaner and utility sink. This electrostatic filter has a MERV 6 efficiency rating and a 10 year warranty.

The final filter is an optional charcoal air filter on the “downwind” side of the airflow. It will eliminate chemicals, odors, and other fumes from the air, leaving nothing of distinction. The average life of this optional filter ranges from two to four months when used regularly.