Artisan woodworkers demand a certain level of inherent precision in their tools. JDS builds the tools you can be proud to have in your shop. Our products are designed to give years of dependable service.

The award winning JDS Accu-Miter is the ultimate miter gauge for making accurate angular cuts. Available in both 18-34 and 24-46 configurations, the Accu-Miter is equipped with a micro-adjusting stop, the adjustable Accu-Bar, and a tapered shot pin system. The 18-34 has a solid 18 inch front fence with a telescopic inner rail that extends to 34 inches, and naturally, the 24-46 has a 24 inch front fence and an inner rail extending to 46 inches.

Our unique shot pin system, common between the two models, allows quick selection of accurate angles of 15, 22.5, 30, 45, and 90 degrees. The spring loaded shot pin locates into the machined detents with extreme precision, each and every time. Year after year, use after use, this table saw miter gauge will be dead-on accurate within less than 1/30 of a degree.

The Accu-Miter is the miter gauge that grants you the accuracy for multiple cut-offs at precise angles in quick succession. The time consuming trial and error methods of the past are outdated. No more cuts on pencil lines, just use the micro flip stops to guide the cut. This table saw miter gauge comes with an adjustable bar to fit your table saw precisely. Using set screws and the provided wrench, side to side movement can be all but eliminated, while movement along the track remains uninhibited.

Our Accu-Miter comes with a full one-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials. This is one tool that will out-perform expectation, and will yield a long service life in your shop. When only the best will do, JDS Tools delivers.

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