The Accu-Bar conveniently mounts to the Accu-Miter and easily adjusts to your table saw or shaper ensuring a tight fit.

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The adjustable bar for the Accu-Miter lets you easily adjust your bar to fit your table saw. Just tighten the four screws to expand the nylon split washers and eliminate any sloppy movement. The Accu-Bar also comes with a washer at the end for table saws that have a T-shaped slot. The Accu-Bar can be adjusted to perfectly fit your table saw. To adjust the bar, simply insert the bar into the saw groove and slide it back and forth while checking for side-to-side movement. If the movement is excessive, adjust the bar’s width by turning each screw 1/4 turn at a time using the 1/8 allen wrench provided. The bar is adjusted when it slides freely in the saw groove and has a minimum of side-to-side movement. (No more sloppy-fitting bar!)

  • Improve the accuracy of your miter gauge with an accurate bar.
  • Easily adjust while bar is in the slot.
  • Nylon washers ensure durability over repeated use.
  • Increase productivity and accuracy with consistency.

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