Dust Collection

When working in a shop every day, dust can be a serious annoyance, and a safety hazard. In matters of safety, only the best will do and JDS offers the innovative tools that make your shop time safer, healthier, and more enjoyable.

Since 1987, woodworking professionals nationwide have been selecting our dust collector systems to keep the woodshop in clean and running order. One of the most powerful dust collection systems the JDS Tools offers is the Cyclone dust collector. Available in two models, a 2hp and 3hp, the 2-stage Cyclone is a powerful and portable system capable of filtering particles as small as one micron in size. Both models are relatively small in height and footprint, but are greatly effective in collecting dust in large or small shops.

The Cyclone dust collector is one of the highest performing dust collection systems in the industry. The TEFC motor is kept cool and efficient by its aluminum housing, and the “Turbo-Fan” impeller provides a massive amount of CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). This gives the dust collector great ability to provide suction and handle a heavy amount of particulate matter.

Both models of Cyclone dust collector come standard with a radio frequency remote control with timer function. The 35-55 gallon steel holding drum has a window on the side to check the contents. The “Bag Gripping Frame” allows the use of disposable bags inside of the drum. The one micron canister filter prevents fine dust from escaping back into the shop and has rotating flappers inside to knock dust off the surface of the filter.

JDS dust collection systems are designed to keep fine particulates out of the air and out of your lungs. Our innovative systems will be sure to make your shop time safer, healthier, and more enjoyable, and our customer service is available to assist with any and all concerns.

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