Being able to make accurate cuts at precise angles is essential to the modern woodworker. The JDS Accu-Miter is the ultimate professional woodworking miter gauge. Built to exacting standards, it will give decades of dependable service in your shop.

Both of our Accu-Miter models feature a unique shot pin that allows quick selection of angles of 15, 22.5, 30, 45, and 90 degrees. The pin is spring loaded and will click into the precisely machined detents with extreme accuracy each and every time. The guesswork involved with the methods of the past is no longer necessary.

With the Accu-Miter, making multiple accurate cut-offs quickly and precisely has never been simpler. To ensure a universal fit in your table saw, this woodworking miter gauge comes with an adjustable bar. When checking the side-to-side movement of the miter in your saw, adjust the bar’s width using the supplied wrench on the set screw. The bar is properly adjusted when it can slide freely in the saw track and has a minimum of sideways play.

Being able to make these kinds of cuts this quickly yields a large potential for productivity increase. Our innovations with this woodworking miter gauge will make your shop time more profitable and more enjoyable. When only the best will do, JDS Tools has the answers.

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