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NEW and IMPROVED! JDS Cyclones
With more features and more performance, JDS is raising the bar for 2-stage Cyclone Dust Collection.

The JDS Cyclones are the ultimate in small shop dust collection. Compact size, powerful performance, portability, and quiet operation make these Cyclones the perfect choice for discriminating woodworkers.

The 3 HP Cyclone stands only 86” tall. Our new and improved “Turbo-Fan” Impeller design provides 2300 CFM of maximum airflow. The 2 HP Cyclone stands only 61 inches tall. This model is ideal for shops with a limited ceiling height. The new and improved "e;Turbo-Fan"e; Impeller design provides the 2HP Cyclone with 1700 CFM of maximum airflow.

JDS 3 HP Cyclone 3100-CK
JDS 2 HP Cyclone 2100-CK The JDS Cyclones have a one micron efficient canister to ensure that fine dust doesn’t get back into the shop. The self cleaning canister filter is equipped with its own motor that automatically turns on when the cyclone is turned off. The unique cleaning system keeps the canister working at its peak performance, for years. The quick connect steel collection drums are on wheels for easy removal of the collected waste. If you are looking for great performance in a cyclone collector that will fit into your shop, look to the JDS Cyclones.

More information :
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