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Automated Blast Gate System

    The JDS Dust-Gate system is designed to turn on your dust collector when you open the Dust-Gate to a wood-working machine, and turn off your dust collector when the gate is closed.
    The switches on all Dust-Gates are wired to the Central Control Box in parallel so that when any of your gates are opened, the dust collector turns on. If several gates are open, the dust collector will not turn off until all gates are closed. JDS Dust-Gate Automated Blast Gate System
    The low voltage switches in the system activate a Central Control Box that turns on the dust collector. Simply plug the Central Control Box into the proper electrical outlet, and then plug the dust collector into the Control Box. There is a 110V model for up to 1.5 HP Dust Collectors, and a 220V model for up to 3 HP Dust Collectors (single phase only). The Start-Up Kit includes: 1 Dust-Gate, 1 Central Control Box, and 100 ft. of low voltage wire. The Expansion Kit includes: 2 Dust-Gates, and 100 ft. of wire.
  • The Central Control Box is activated by a low voltage signal along the 22 gauge wire. (Polarity is not critical).
  • Connections can be made with crimp connectors and wire nuts.
  • Switches on gates are low voltage, manually operated.
  • Gates will fit 4” hose or pipe.
  • Use 110V Control Box to turn on 110V dust collectors (Up to 1.5 HP).
  • Use 220V Control Box to turn on 220V dust collectors (Up to 3 HP, single phase only).