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Accu-Miter (AM)

JDS Accu-Miter - Professional Miter Gauge

    The Accu-Miter is the ultimate professional miter gauge! Built to last through years of serious work. Demanding craftsmen love the precision accuracy and convenient features that have distinguished the Accu-Miter for more than a decade.
    The Accu-Miter 18-34 has a rigid 18" front fence with a telescopic inner rail that extends to 34". The Accu-Miter 24-46 has a rigid 24" front fence with a telescopic inner rail that extends to 46". The Accu-Miter is the perfect addition for every table saw or shaper in every shop. This amazingly accurate miter gauge allows you to make precision mitered and cross cuts with unprecedented ease and accuracy. Exclusive features on the miter gauge include: Shot pin accuracy for 90, 45, 30, 22-1/2 and 15-degree angles. Precise protractor scales for less frequently used angles, rigid front fence with telescopic extensions. The micro adjusting flip stop for accurate repetitive crosscuts. The adjustable bar ensures a perfect fit to your table saw! The optional manual clamp safely and securely holds your work piece in place. JDS Accu-Miter Professional Miter Gauge

Accu Miter Shot Pin

    Our unique shot pin feature allows you to quickly select and accurately achieve angles of 15, 22.5, 30, 45 and 90. The spring loaded shot pin locates into openings with extreme accuracy; accuracy you can count on! This means no more time consuming trial and error set up. You get it right the first time! The Accu-Miter's tapered shot pin mechanism assures dead-on accuracy year after year. The maximum margin of error is one minute, 43 seconds. That's less than 1/30 of a degree!

Spring Loaded Shot-Pin


    With the Accu-Miter, you'll achieve accurate multiple cut-offs quickly and precisely! Just use the micro-adjusting flip stop on the outer rail fence. Place the stop near the measurement of the cut you want to make. Secure it there by tightening the black knob above the micro-adjusting wheel. Then move the stop even closer to your measurement by rotating the micro-adjusting wheel. Once the stop is in place, tighten the black knob closest to the flip stop. Now you are ready to make your cut. Its that easy!

Accu Miter Drop Stop
Micro-Adjusting Stop
Accu-Bar Miter Gauge Bar


    The Accu-Miter comes with a bar that can be adjusted to perfectly fit your table saw. To adjust the bar to fit your saw's groove, simply insert the bar into the saw groove and slide it back and forth while checking for side-to-side movement. If the movement is excessive, adjust the bar's width by turning each screw 1/4 turn at a time using the 1/8 allen wrench provided. The bar is adjusted when it slides freely in the saw groove and has a minimum of side-to-side movement. (No more sloppy-fitting bar!)

Adjustable Bar

    The Accu-Miter is a quality built miter gauge that will give you years of dependable service, and it comes with a full one-year warranty against all defects in workmanship or materials. So go ahead and try a different angle....a Perfect angle!

  • Shot-pin accuracy for 90º, 45º, 30º, 22 1/2º and 15º angles.
  • Precise protractor scale for less frequently-used angles.
  • Rigid, front fence with telescopic extension.
  • Adjustable end stops for crosscuts.
  • Multi-position locking handles.
  • Adjustable bar for the perfect fit to your table saw.
  • Optional manual clamp.
  • Durable, die-cast construction with raised graduations.
  • Micro adjust flip stop.

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