About Us

The JDS Company was founded in 1987. For over twenty five years the JDS Company has been providing superior quality tools and accessories to craftsmen throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australia.

Our very first product, the Multi-Router, has been recognized as one of the most creative new tools in the woodworking industry. Today, it still enjoys a fabulous reputation for its patented design and amazing functionality.

The Multi-Router is a precision built, high quality tool that is designed to give you years and years of accurate, dependable service. Seconds is all it takes to create mortises, tenons, box joints, dovetails, and even angled and compound angled joinery. The quality of construction and the versatility of the Multi-Router make for a truly remarkable and rewarding woodworking experience.

The JDS Accu-Miter was the first precision miter gauge designed for the table saw, band saw, or shaper. Today it is the standard by which all other miter gauges are judged.

Our unique shot pin feature allows you to quickly and accurately achieve angles of 15, 22.5, 30, 45 and 90 degrees. The maximum margin of error is one minute and 43 seconds. That’s less than 1/30 of a degree! The Accu-Miter is a heavy duty professional miter gauge that will give you years and years of accurate, dependable service.

In 1994 with the introduction of the JDS Air-Tech 2000, JDS Company became the recognized leader for Air Filtration equipment.

In 1995 Wood Magazine conducted a test on all air filtration units and wrote “the JDS Air-Tech 2000 was the best engineered and most convenient to use machine in our test.” In 2003 American Woodworker Magazine tested all of the newer air cleaners and awarded the Air-Tech 750-ER the Editors’ Choice Award. They stated: “JDS has the two basic requirements sewn up: excellent CFM and great filter performance”. Once again in 2006 Wood Magazine tested all of the air cleaners in the rapidly growing field of air filtration, and chose the JDS Air-Tech as the Top Tool in their test.

Today we offer our latest line of air filtration units, the Air-Tech HP (High Performance) air filters. There are three different models to serve customers from the small one man shop up to large commercial applications.

Dust Collection equipment was the next product line to follow the very successful Air-Tech 2000. Today we offer single stage collectors as well as cyclone collectors that are perfect for the small custom woodshop. The JDS Company takes great pride in providing our customers with the finest air filtration and dust collection equipment.

Our first dust collector was the 1.5 HP JDS Dust-Force. At 1250 CFM it is still the highest performing 1.5 HP collector in the woodworking industry. This has been a real workhorse in the smaller shops.

Following the success of our single stage Dust-Force we introduced our line of Cyclone collectors. Our newest models include a mobile base for easy positioning of the unit, and a drum lid lever for the convenient, quick lifting of the drum lid. Accessing the collector drum as never been easier. The most innovative feature of the new cyclones is the automatic cleaning motor that cleans the filter and keeps the collector operating at peak performance.

Once again JDS is stepping up as the leader in new innovations for the woodworking industry.